Formula 1 Indian GP to keep its date

After riding out many a storm of accusations whereby I was pushed against the wall for focusing on only a few things through my blogs – Formula 1 being at top of that list, I think it’s ironic that I would not be in the audience when Formula 1 makes its maiden journey to my neighborhood.

As Formula 1 Indian GP keeps its date, I would once again be watching all the actions only on the TV set, Alas! I can take some solace, and only some, that Vettel has already got the championship and Red Bull the constructor’s title. So the race may not be that critical from one angle, nonetheless the personal experience of being there when the cars race past you is going to be one hell of an experience in itself.

Any how, very sad as it is for me, it still leaves the hope that action will be back on the Budh International Circuit next year. And I may be there next time.


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