Life is not always fair, it can (or can it) be black too!

USA loses AAA credit rating (if only most us knew what that meant), Sonia undergoes a big surgery for an unknown disease (unknown to Indians and not doctors), India loses two back-to-back cricket test matches (we all seem to know why and how, MSD being the only exception) and to top it all I lose an entire month of blogging (it’s over 50 days and no one seems to have noticed and no one cares to know why) – Alas! Life is not always fair. (But thankfully there are still things which actually matter to most of us, exempli gratia…)

Skin color affected

In fact if one of the latest controversies is any indication then it (life/skin) should not be fair, it can (should stay actually) be black too (and brown as well – since we are talking about Indians). And I agree that the never ending range of fairness creams and some soaps which make you fair, is not really a fair game. And nature also has to take the blame here considering if you have white skin then Sun can help you tan your skin and get that tanned look. But getting fair takes a lot of effort and that is achievable through some artificial and rightfully marketed products (which may have natural powers – ingredients) only.

Diesel colored too

(Note: The attempted metaphor is for consistency purpose only. Author takes no responsibility for this attempt. Audience discretion – hmm.. no, I think this line is not required here, please ignore if not done so already)

And that is not all. Life can take you for a ride if you were an Indian looking to buy a diesel driven car this year. They (read Govt) want to take the subsidy out of diesel (for personal vehicles – passenger cars only) – meaning diesel will become costlier for some by close to 7 rupees (after almost one year of planning to buy a car I have to face this too now? Pranab da, why target me?). But since we’ll have differential rate system, you can expect an actual increase in diesel prices by 3-5 rupees through the black market route (politically incorrect phrase but what can we do, Life is not always fair…).

Govt strengthens tinge

Unable to remain untouched and quite deservingly too – the lack of fairness and tinge of blackness has reentered the corridors of PMO and CMO (Delhi, both Delhi interestingly) riding on the CWG fiasco, through a more reliable (and deliberately made-more-questionable after it’s revelation on 2G scam) CAG route now. But the blackness has already taken the credibility and integrity out of most of these (it was always lacking for most, anyhow) so this is the news for a few for a few days only.

Formula 1: well that’s not fair but not black either

(Lewis Hamilton might agree or may be not with this)

Some habits (and not just old, even new ones too – only if you gave the new ones sometime to grow) die hard and writing something about Formula 1 is the one for me. So with quite a few races that I failed (was forced not to) to take up, the story is still a kind of blue (Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull leading the pack). So it’s not fair but not (that) black either – as of now.


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2 responses to “Life is not always fair, it can (or can it) be black too!”

  1. Nadda Narender Pal says :

    One must remain prepared for worst …

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