Formula 1 2011 season vs Nikhil Mishra

Confused you might be and confused you must be wondering what’s with the title and what’s with me. Well, I am a die hardest fan of Formula 1 and there is no questioning this fact, period. I write and I write what I feel like writing and Formula 1 ranks quite high on my favorites’ list – the higher density of my blogs focused on Formula 1 (obviously Formula 1 2011 season in particular right now) is a proof of that and you would have realized that by now.

Moving on, there are not many people who I expect to tell me their true opinion to my face (or Facebook) and even fewer who would broadcast it to the entire world. One such person is Nikhil Mishra – the man whose comment on my last blog read – “Too much of Formula 1 in your blogs. I am writing “Formula 2″ NaCl+ H2O –> NaOH + HCl”.

I can’t blame Nikhil for either part of his comment and trust me I have my reasons for that. He stresses – Too much of Formula 1 in your blogs. That’s a fact what can I do? Guilty as charged. There is too much of Formula 1 in my blogs and I have already confessed to that.

He has dared to write –“Formula 2” NaCl+ H2O –> NaOH + HCl. Here again I can’t counter this part of his comment (or this formula – Chemistry was the subject that made cracking engineering entrance easier). Considering the fact that he has spent fair amount of his professional career as a Scientist and still does Research and Development stuff, this is least I could have accepted from him.

And last but not the least, as I promised Nikhil as my reply to his comment – “Hmm.. stay tuned for updates on gilli danda and kanche…” I am going to keep that promise. After all one can stray away from one’s favorite topics for one’s brother once in a while.

PS: Jenson Button has won 4 hour long rain soaked Canadian GP with Sebastian Vettel finishing second to strengthen his grip on what could end up being his second championship win. Sorry bhaiya could not help it, oops.


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3 responses to “Formula 1 2011 season vs Nikhil Mishra”

  1. NIkhil Mishra says :

    Well……I am waiting for the next one..

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