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Sebastian Vettel wins a crash ridden Formula 1 Monaco GP

If you love Formula 1 then I am sure you know every Formula 1 race track has something unique and interesting about it but I think perhaps no track stands out as strongly as Monaco does. It has a small track length meaning the race has close to 80 laps, it has a tunnel that too with a turn, it has many turns and curves, it has gradient combined with a hairpin bend, and the track is so narrow that you hardly get space to overtake another car. The end result of all this is cars brushing against each other, too many crashes, and more than usual number of cars retiring.

No wonder David Coulthard – the former Scottish Formula 1 driver, once said that you bash your teeth so much during Monaco GP that post race you have to visit your dentist. And this year’s Monaco GP was no different.

A race full of crashes

Monaco GP winner Sebastian Vettel was pushed to the limit by Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button in what was a three way competition for the top spot after a long time. But the race was so eventful that it’ll be remembered for many other things as well.

Take for example DRS – it was very popular especially during duels between Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button, and Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, with smarter driver getting the better of the other every time.

Then there were endless crashes – in fact Petrov and Alguersuari crash red flagged the race and DRS was disabled (enabled for last two laps) when the race restarted with most teams going for supersoft tires. Safety car (there were safety cars the second time) made two visits to the track. Fellipe Massa, Michael Schumacher (his car had in fact failed to start when the race got underway) and Timo Glock, among others, were the victims who could also not finish the race due to different reasons.

In the end Monaco GP lived up to its reputation in every possible way.


Sebastian Vettel wins Formula 1 Spanish GP, Mark Webber falters

Spanish GP win means Sebastian Vettel is on a roll and if he keeps going like this he’ll be crowned the best driver among his contemporaries by the end of the year. He may have been pushed to 2nd on the starting grid by his Red Bull teammate Mark Webber, but Baby Schumi worked his magic to move ahead and grab his 4th win of the season in 5 races held so far.   

For Mark Webber this was in the end a rather forgettable race. He had looked the best driver during qualifying in Friday and Saturday but Sunday was not really his day. He failed to complete the sequence of 5th to 1st position but with 4th position finish is still 3rd on the driver’s points table.

McLaren-Mercedes had a great race

Lewis Hamilton had been looking a lot dangerous this weekend and he proved to be so by finishing second in the race and further consolidated his position at number 2 on the driver’s points table. His McLaren-Mercedes teammate Jenson Button also had a good race and was the third driver on the podium.

On a whole Spanish GP – Formula 1 2011 season’s first race on the European continent – was more or less less exciting than it usually is. All drivers except three made it to the checkered flag, with Narain Karthikeyan being the last of the lot.

Formula 1 – Mark Webber climbing the ladder with Spanish GP pole

One of the most interesting and somewhat not-so-well-known facts from the Formula 1 2011’s book of statistics has been the way Mark Webber has been performing this year. Though all the limelight has been deservingly enjoyed by his Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel, yet Webber has been taking care of his end of the bargain as well.

The interesting thing about how Mark Webber has performed is his final standing at the end of each race. In the first race he finished 5th, in 2nd he was 4th, in 3rd he reached podium with 3rd and in 4th race he climbed to 2nd – a very amazing fact I am sure you would agree. This implies that he has gained one position with each passing race and now only position left to be gained is the top spot – something he should do in the next race.

Mark Webber all set to win the first race of Formula 1 2011 season?

In the upcoming 6th race of the Formula 1 2011 season – Spanish GP, he has already scored the Pole position. Could this be a sign that tomorrow he’ll complete the sequence and grab the 1st place by crossing the checkered flag ahead of everyone else?

What’s even more exciting is the fact (something that should do his confidence a lot good) that in Formula 1 2010 season it was at this very Circuit de Catalunya that Mark Webber had started his rise towards a possible driver’s championship title. He may not have won it eventually but he did make a huge and long lasting impression.

And may be this time Mark Webber will have an even more successful season and get his hands on the driver’s title. My fingers are crossed 🙂