Patriotism, funny isn’t it?

Patriotism is a funny word. Funny because of the kind of things people tend to do to prove that they have it in them. Funny because people believe that only way to show that you know the meaning is to do things that would show to others that you know.

Funny because of all the things we tend to do to prove we have the feeling deeply rooted in us usually have the least possible connection to the Patriotism itself. Funny because when it comes to historically significant days like say Independence Day we all take it upon ourselves to prove to others that we know what this Patriotism business is all about.

Hindi or using Hindi has been a benchmark for measuring one’s Patriotism for a long time. And I have had my share of fun with the word when Hindi becomes the yardstick. In case you are a resident of Delhi and for reasons in and not in your control listen to FM radio then you would have noticed one thing. There is one FM channel, don’t remember which one as I listen to radio for reasons not in my control, which is using Hindi only to show that they understand the word Patriotism.

Funny thing is that if you catch their RJ using English on air then you can call them and of course win some goodies. This is Patriotism too, Funny. Though I am not sure of one thing, what is more important there, using only Hindi or not using English. Like in case RJ used any of the 20+ other languages mentioned in our Constitution. But I think this question might take the Funny of out of it, so we won’t consider it.

But this Patriotism had reminded me of one incident about Radio in Delhi only. An RJ who was hosting a show in English couple of year back, was asked by one listener to use Hindi only as it’s about the Patriotism thing. Funny thing was it was not even Independence Day or anything of the sorts. Less funny for the listener was that RJ categorically told the listener that he loved his country as much as anyone else did and that he was going to use English as he wished and also told the listener that he is going to put the phone down, and he did.

Coming back to Patriotism and Independence Day fever and that too in the back drop of upcoming, no at least planned, Commonwealth Games it’s only going to get more Funny with time. In fact considering I write my blogs in English even at times when ID is so close, I think I should rethink about the choice of language and share this Funny feeling. After all I also know the meaning of word Patriotism, or at least try to. Let me figure out how I can ensure that, in the mean time I hope you are also showing your Patriotism, if not then let me tell you gear up ‘cause this is high time to feel Funny.


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2 responses to “Patriotism, funny isn’t it?”

  1. Kalpana says :

    Truly, patriotism is simply funny. Just not the use of Hindi, even the Tricolor flags sold around Independence Day and Republic day and people buy those just to show how patriotic they are; its funny. Every one knows the literal meaning of patriotism and nonetheless no wants to know the essence of the word; its funny.

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