FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon and Favorite Formula 1

Stars descend on the African continent, the cradle of human evolution, for the greatest glory they can hope to achieve in life. FIFA World Cup is all set to literally kick off today with Mexico taking on the hosts South Africa. And football crazy fans are up for a treat for many weeks to come.

The awesomely awesome event might be a little less awesome considering the long list of absentees including David Beckham, and likely miss outs like Drogba. But let’s forget about them and focus on the list of presentees, Messi is there, right. If you love football, you are up for a treat. If you don’t, watch FIFA World Cup and you’ll surely fall in love.

And for the fans of Lawn Tennis, this is the best time of the year. Wimbledon is just round the corner. With Rafael Nadal winning the French Open and snatching the world rank number 1 from Roger Federer, it’s going to be a really awesome fortnight for the fans in what’s likely to be fight for dominance.

What about poor Soderling, guess he’ll still continue to end up spoiling others grand slam parties for a long time to come before he can throw one of his own. As for the rest, it would be another chance to come and play and enjoy and come again next year.

But for Formula 1 freaks like me, it’s going to be all about Red Bull’s energy, McLaren’s engine and herd of fast paced cars. The focus right now is on the upcoming Canadian GP, which btw makes a reentry after a hiatus. Who is it going to be this time, Mark Webber or Vettel, or Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button?

All said and done, it’s for sure going to turn out to be a great time for all the sports lovers and wanna be’s alike. My money is on England/Spain, Roger Federer and well, you never know in F1.


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11 responses to “FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon and Favorite Formula 1”

  1. Pankaj Khare says :

    nice one

  2. Karun says :

    U r right rohit ! Spain won the game 🙂

  3. Karun says :

    u had predicted correctly , Spain won the world cup 🙂

  4. sabba says :

    and Spain it is………

  5. sabba says :

    you and paul both were right.,.,.,only you pridicted well one month before.,.,.,

    • Rohit Mishra says :

      even though I did still the Octopus took away all the name and fame….not good….wish I had a few more arms….

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