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Formula 1 Season is On

The Formula 1 season is finally on and what a start it has been. New teams, former champions driving different cars, Michael Schumacher returning to the circuit, new and weird rules and some new tracks as well. Over the last decade, ever since I became a religious follower of the F1 mania I have always found something unique about every season and this year has more than ever reasons to create its own place in the history books.

19 races and 12 teams, that’s bigger and and I hope better too. The list of former champions in the fray is a lot bigger too; Alonso, Hamilton, Button and of course Schumi. In fact when Schumi was ruthlessly winning championships after championships one thing that was really missing was to watch champions racing down the track fighting for supremacy. Fortunately this time that wish has finally been granted.

There is even more excitement as we also have Bruno Senna, nephew of none other than Ayrton Senna as part of the driver line up. Though we’ll obviously need to give him some time to show how good a driver he actually is.

With two races already completed the excitement is becoming bigger with each passing day. Unfortunately for me though, I have not been able to catch either of the races on TV but this weekend I am going to take care of that. I won’t miss the Sepang for the world. With some really nice pace Hamilton is looking great after the first practice session.

And I wouldn’t mind airing my bias towards Schumi and I hope with my pledge to watch every race of the season now onwards I hope he’ll be back to his winning ways any time now.