WorldSpace To Go Off Air In 2010

WorldSpace has been an integral part of my daily rituals for a long time and to know that I won’t get to listen to Led Zeppelin, U2, Nirvana and other classic rockers on Orbit on the very first day of 2010 breaks my heart. When WorldSpace was launched in India and I got to know about the music it was going to play I felt on cloud number nine.

Nothing short of a blessing, WorldSpace became a part of my life in August 2006. A costly option nonetheless worth every penny spent on it, it didn’t take more than 5 minutes for WorldSpace to become my most trusted companion, after my books of course. A diehard fan of rock who would crave for voice of awesome rockers like Ozzy Osborne, Curt Cobain, Robert Plant and Jim Morrison along with the guitar of the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards and Eric Clapton, every morning to make my kind of start to the day could not have asked for anything more. Orbit on WorldSpace took perfect care of that for me.

And that was not all. Bob was the station that helped me change mood with rockers like Green Day and Nickelback, Top 40 made sure I was always abreast with the latest music scene, Up Country met my country music needs, and by introducing Falak WorldSpace had ensured that it became my One-Stop-Shop for all my musical needs. To top it all, Punchline was the kind of channel that was missing that didn’t beam music but laughter. And yes, with news channels also being available, to me it felt like everything you would want in life was catered to by WorldSpace.

Not everyone in my friend circle though could understand the logic behind spending couple of hundred rupees every month to listen to radio. These people were more surprised when I stuck to WorldSpace even after the subscription fee was hiked slightly. But to me it was what I was ready to pay after all there is no other place that plays my kind of music, nonstop without the pathetic commercial breaks.

But somehow for WorldSpace things didn’t seem to be working out well and it had been unable to make business sense to its stakeholders for quite some time and the decision to take it off air beginning 2010 though devastating for me does make a lot of business sense. I hope these people can come out with some good business plan and revive WorldSpace and make my days happier again.


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