Schumi All Set To Return To The Racing Track



For a die hard fan of F1 like I am, especially one who thinks Michael Schumacher may have contributed more to make F1 popular than the other way around, nothing could have enthused more than the news that Schumi is all set to thunder the race track again. The only thing that troubled me initially were the circumstances under which this all was happening. Fortunately the unfortunate incident where the spring from Barichello’s car hit Massa finally didn’t turn out to be as damaging as it had looked in the beginning. To know that Massa is not only all right but also would be able to keep racing was definitely a big relief.

Coming back to Schumi’s return, 2009 has been a season that started making noise even before the season had actually begun. With Honda’s withdrawal, Brawn GP’s entry and Button’s triumphs, Hamilton, Kimi and Alonso’s struggles, teams and governing body’s parleys, this season had everything in it. The only thing missing was perhaps Schumi and the way he used to dominate the field. With his unexpected and expected return at Valencia that void would be filled to some extent.

I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t love to see Schumi race throughout the season and may be more. But I sincerly hope that Massa becomes race-ready in no time and takes back his seat behind the wheels of his Prancing Horse. As of now just can’t wait to see Schumi race against the next generation of F1 champions.


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